All Up In Your Business with First Union Lending

003 - The Fellowship of The Loan

Episode Summary

First Union's executives return this week to answer more of your pressing questions. Catch our book recommendations, how to automate a one-man business, and why Nicolas Cage films cause people to drown.

Episode Notes

We had some great questions this week. here's a list of the questions we covered this week:

  1. Hey, I need to feed my mind What's a great business book you can recommend?
  2. We talk a lot about tech for communications purposes, but what about all those small businesses that are a one-man operation? Whats some good programs for them.
  3. I have lost many customers due to the over charge how can i fix this without losing clients
  4. How can I do market research without a captive audience?
  5. Do you guys have any more information about what the PPP loan forgiveness process will look like?

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