All Up In Your Business with First Union Lending

005 - Investing in eyebrows

Episode Summary

First Union Lending executives join together again to get all up in your business. We cover marketing automation, saving for yourself and your business, and enjoying your social life as a CEO. Tune in to hear our tech, marketing, and finance advice!

Episode Notes

  1.  Bret from Linkedin : What is the best Marketing Automation software?
  2. Kenneth On LinkedIn: The importance of a "rainy-day fund" is being highlighted

during the rapidly slowing U.S. economy. It is difficult to set aside money for a

potential emergency Where do we start?

  1. Sherry FB: Is $1,100.00 monthly for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMM (Social Media Marketing) a fair price or it is overpriced?
  2. Dustin From FB: For my fellow eCommerce business owners: what is your average monthly marketing budget? Is there a 'sweet spot' you have found that yields you the results you need to stay afloat? I am running a small music gear shop that is exclusively online and am curious what others are spending.
  3. Allana emailed: How do you manage your business, while being a busy CEO and having time for a social life?
  4. Now for the PPP forgiveness information you are all looking for… NOT