All Up In Your Business with First Union Lending

006 - Space Pants!

Episode Summary

And we’re back again! Our CTO Chad talks more about the wonders of WordPress, and divulges a secret to hacking the mobile app process and how you can make it work for your small business. Madison figures out why pants are chasing Dennis, while he discusses startup roadblocks, sales process, and business growth. Tune in to hear the top First Union lending executives, as we put our heads together and get all up in your business!

Episode Notes


Your burning questions we answer this week: 

  1. What to use to build a site and what to use for building an app without coding knowledge. 
  2. Jason asked on Facebook: What do you think is the most important step in the sales process?
  3. Terry emailed in asking: Is marketing brainwashing? How do social media platforms target you with ads?
  4. Major Roadblocks for startups in the growth stage?
  5. Nadav from Facebook asks: Who else believes in the law of attraction?