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007 - Human Robots!

Episode Summary

Our top executives in the financial industry gather ‘round the conference room once again for another round of questions from business owners. We take you behind the veil, revealing finance industry trade secrets that will help you be successful in business and life. It is our goal that every small business owner may be empowered with the knowledge to make smarter financial decisions. So, listen up as Chad, Dennis, and Madison discuss marketing, automation, and how to leverage your customer feedback!

Episode Notes

Questions we answer this week: 

  1. Does Square getting sued for withholding funds concern Square users?
  2. How can businesses use technology to improve customer feedback experience?
  3. What has been your greatest tool & asset for growing your business during this pandemic?
  4. How can a small business compete against big businesses with huge marketing budgets?
  5. How will society keep human labor relevant in an era of increasing automation?