All Up In Your Business with First Union Lending

009 - Dehydrate!

Episode Summary

This week, we get to know the crew a little better with a hearty round of would-you-rather. In this episode we clear up some misconceptions about the PPP loan, go over our average morning routines, and muse about website redesigns (which we apparently have a lot of feelings about). Enjoy!

Episode Notes

Questions this week:

  1. If additional funds are needed in the future, how do I request the additional (up to the maximum approved amount) and what documentation would be needed? While forgiveness is not expected, what must I do to maximize the possibility of this?
  2. I've finally got the creativity and capacity to pursue an idea. I've played guitar for 20+ years and have decided to start offering lessons locally to see how I get on. I'm looking for suggestions on other ways to drive the name / brand locally to get some traction.
  3. How often do you redesign your website? We just finished a redesign of our website so I'm curious to know how often you redesign your website if at all to keep it looking modern/change things up.
  4. What does the start of an average work day look like for you from the time you wake up? What's your routine?