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010 - That USD Dough

Episode Summary

This week on All Up In Your Business we discuss exciting and fun industry news including one timely marketing campaign from a lemonade company. We dive into your listener questions covering a wide range of topics lending our opinions on how to build a high-performing team and advice to a listener on their succession planning. We wrap it all up with a feature story about a Food Truck “app” that will blow your mind.

Episode Notes

Biz News

Country Time Lemonade rolls out genius marketing campaign “The Littles Bailout”

Uber introduces Uber Freight  

Listener Questions 

  1. How to build a high-performing team. 
  2. Should you trademark your business. 
  3. Registering your website as .com or .tech. 
  4. Acquiring a SaaS company.  
  5. Succession planning.  

Small Business Spotlight 

This week's spotlight comes from reddit user /datawazo. We share this surprising story that's full of twists and turns and discuss what we can learn from the experience. Check out their company at, and the Food Truck Tracking “app” that started it all


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